UOB Case Study: United Overseas Bank

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1. Introduction
United Overseas Bank (UOB) was established on August 6, 1935. It was originally known as United Chinese Bank. It was founded by Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang, mainly catering to the Fujian community in its earlier years. They only changed their name in 1965. UOB is currently a leading bank in Asia, and has expanded its business to 19 different countries and territories in Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe. They provide a wide range of financial services, and is also a market leader in the credit card and private residential home loan businesses. UOB was named the Best Retail Bank in Singapore in 2011. Other awards includes: Best SME Banking Business in The Asian Banker’s 10th International Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards Programme. (UOB, n.d)

This report will analyse UOB in detail on its formulation of job designs for two of its positions within the company, their recruitment and selection strategies, implementation and detailed plans. The conclusion will sum up all the points.

2. Human Resource Planning
As the Human Resource department of UOB, we have to estimate the number of employees needed in the Singapore branch of UOB, and from there, we can look at the environment and the current amount of employees we currently have. Since we have no plans of expanding our business overseas as yet, I would suggest that we recruit locally as they would have gotten use to Singapore’s working environment, and it would be easier for them to

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