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The UPSC interview is considered to be the toughest in comparison to the Prelims examination and the Mains examination. The candidates who have cleared the Mains examination are called for the interview which is also known as the personality test. According to the board of UPSC, the primary objective of the interview is assessing how suitable the candidates are for the public services. In the Public Service Commission examination, the marks scored by the candidate in the personality test is known to make a lot of difference. Students can score a hundred marks or they can even get 200 marks in the interview. The competition between all the candidates is very tough and even a single difference in the marks counts. The marks gained by the candidates can either make or ruin his chances of clearing the examination. No rules are there for getting great marks in the personality test. All you need to do is prepare well and there are chances of scoring high. The interviewers who are sitting are the members of the UPSC Board and they are not only smart but extremely educated. It is important to impress them with the tricky answers that the candidate gives. Things to Keep in Mind The candidate…show more content…
It is expected of the candidates that he will be able to answer 90% of the questions with confidence as they are appearing for one of the biggest government exams. Civil servants are expected to be very sensitive about the important developments that are taking place in the country and all across the globe. Candidates may not remember each and everything, but he should keep in mind the ones that are important. The candidate should also provide their own views on the issues. Having opinions is not something the candidates need to be scared of. The interviewers are very pleased with these opinions. It is the duty of the candidate to grab the extra marks by expressing his own ideas and

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