URB-E In Gizmag: A Case Study

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Hi Editor at Gizmag, This is Tim from URB-E (, and the reason I'm contacting you is because I want to update you and your readers about the current condition of URB-E. The last article written about URB-E in Gizmag was on January 5, 2014, and we’ve come a long way since then. Today, URB-E is not a concept -- it is a real product that has been selling incredibly well and customers around the nation are raving about its’ use. It is saving hundreds of commuters the hassle of dealing with urban commutes. Our customers consistently tell us that URB-E has saved them money and time that is usually spent on car expenses like parking and time spent on waiting for public transportation. URB-E creates a new experience for customers as they experience their city and other cities they visit.…show more content…
We did a full week of showcasing at SXSW in Austin, where we received rave reviews and built partnerships with The W hotel in Austin and The Driskill hotel. Hotels and real estate companies nationwide have been purchasing our product to differentiate themselves from competitors and to provide their guests a unique and fun experience exploring their city. URB-E is 100% Built in America, designed and assembled in Pasadena, California. It has a 20 mile range and a top speed of 15mph on a single charge which takes 4 hours to replenish. URB-E is built using carbon fiber and America aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, and is incredibly lightweight at only 35 lbs. It is currently available on Amazon, online at, or can be purchased at our newly-opened retail shop in Pasadena, California. The product costs $1,499 for the base model and $1,699 for our highly popular Black Label model, which has more torque and
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