URENCO Personal Statement

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URENCO is a vital, global player in the nuclear power industry and the progressive leader in uranium enrichment. URENCO is an industry pioneer in using processes that help consumers and the environment as well by providing a quality, low-carbon product. Through its efforts, it is steadily pushing the United States towards an era of energy sustainability. URENCO’s revenues have been steadily increasing since 2013 and they met 100% of their customer delivery commitments 6 years in a row. This is a testament to URENCO’s loyalty to its customers and its sustainability. During my internship with URENCO, I hope to gain a set of new skills and refine my current set of skills to improve and further myself in life. I would like to learn more about the nuclear energy industry and its finances. I believe the uranium enrichment trade provides a huge financial boost to the global economy, but it is severely underestimated in the market as opposed to other commonly traded commodities such as crude oil, gold, and…show more content…
In high school, I was involved in the National Honor Society allowing me to serve my community on a regular basis. We participated in everything from picking up trash on the side of the road to raising money to support our local library. During college, I have been able to volunteer and participate in student-led research programs. I also enjoy getting to volunteer my time at my local elementary school as a teaching assistant. However, my favorite volunteering experience was getting to be a “Buddy for Special Olympics”. I was paired with a young girl named Kara with Down Syndrome and the biggest appreciation for life. I walked her to each of her events and cheered her on from the sideline. Even when she didn’t technically win she was so grateful for the opportunity to compete. She gave me a different outlook on life and taught me how to be grateful for every opportunity that comes my
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