US Supreme Court Case: The Mapp Vs. Ohio Case

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Mapp vs. Ohio On June 19, 1961, the Mapp v. Ohio case was taken to the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. The situation addressed in court was a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment states that people have the right to be secure in their houses, and it forbids unreasonable searches and seizures. Mapp took to court when police forcibly entered her home in Cleveland, Ohio without showing any warrant. The police suspected Mapp of harboring a bomb suspect in her home and possessing illegal betting equipment. After she refused to let them in, the police torn off the screen door and broken the glass to gain entry. Mapp argued it was an invasion of privacy along with a violation to the Bill of Rights and Constitution. While the police did not find either of the two things they were looking for; they did find other illegal material in…show more content…
Mapp was then arrest for the obscene photographs found in a trunk. She was convicted of the crime in an Ohio courtroom in 1957, but claims her rights were being violated. The Fourth Amendment also says any form of evidence found against someone that was gathered in a Constitutional violation is considered invalid and unacceptable in court. The Mapp v. Ohio case took place to protect and strengthen citizens’ right to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. In the end, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (6-3), in favor of Mapp, that the evidence collected is deemed unconstitutional. The Supreme Court stated the proof could not be used against the person in state courts and that Dollree Mapp could not be convicted. Mapp was released and her case helped to strengthen the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. The matter also limited police power. I agree with the final outcome of the case. I would say the Supreme Court made the right decision with the information given. I am in favor of Mapp, because no search warrant was presented when asked for one, it was an invasion of privacy, and it held

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