US101 Narrative Essay

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Bridger Haffey
Narrative for US101
Throughout the course of this class I have come to realize that involvement and participation is essential to my success in this course. Not only is participation a large amount of my grade, but it is also a means to understanding the material that we discuss in class. Personally, I learn best when I ask questions and get involved in finding connections between themes and ideas. This is not only true for discussion, but also for classes like calculus where it is very easy to fall behind unless I am fully engaged. I think it is very important to go about discussion with an open mindset, always looking for different arguments, and always thinking about how the topic applies to me at that moment in time. I personally believe that I almost always come to class prepared, with a mindset that I can bring something unique to the discussion we are in.
At the start of year, while I was wrapped up in the business of my first few
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The combination of gaining new perspectives from the connections that our readings create and the practice I have had writing seven now has allowed me to develop my ideas much further than day one. I think that my greatest weakness when writing these pieces, is that sometimes I don’t fully grasp the question or reading material until after we have talked about it in class. I don’t think that that fully inhibits my short writes but I sometimes find myself wishing I would have thought of a better interpretation when I was writing. I do appreciate that short writes are formulated in such a way that it is a response to what we think about the readings or a questions and that there necessarily isn 't always a correct answer for any of the prompts, merely just a well thought out idea or response. I am happy with the work that I am doing in my thought pieces but I continue to try to make them better every
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