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Vision The U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) commander’s vision is to foster a more stable region in West Africa where the sovereignty and security of all states are protected. In order to achieve this vision, USARFRICOM must help create conditions in which Nigeria no longer poses a threat to its neighbors and has been prevented from obtaining weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), while also denying violent extremist organizations (VEOs) the ability to conduct operations in the region. By removing these primary drivers of instability USAFRICOM will create the conditions for a more stable environment that supports greater economic development and prosperity. Introduction The environment in West Africa is increasingly fragile with states facing challenges that threaten stability across the region. The most significant regional challenge is Nigeria’s increasing aggressiveness toward its neighbors. Aligning itself economically and militarily with China has enabled the Nigerian regime to increase its military capability and capacity, giving it an asymmetric advantage over neighboring countries. The Nigerian regime’s attempts to obtain material for the construction of…show more content…
We will increase surveillance and intelligence efforts to monitor Nigerian weapons production capability and identify any indicators that Nigeria is progressing toward developing WMDs. If there are indicators that Nigeria is developing the necessarily materials and technologies, we will conduct airstrikes targeted at destroying their capability to produce and employ these weapons. As part of our efforts to build the capacity of the Niger military, we will work with their border forces establish better control of the border and reduce the risk of uranium being smuggled into Nigeria. Termination criteria for this objective will be met when Nigeria is no longer pursuing the materials and capabilities to develop a
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