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The United Service Organization (USO) was founded prior to World War II by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1941. Over the last 75 years this Non-Profit Organization has sustained the moral of the United States Armed Forces within the states as well as overseas. While a Service Member is deployed the USO steps in both in the home and in the combat zone. A line of communication is important for health and welfare of the service member. At this point the USO provides free phone lines, computer access through Operation Phone Home so the families can keep in touch. Prepaid phone cards are also provided to use at other call centers or office phones where the USO may not be available. One benefit in today 's technology is now expecting fathers can be virtually present during the birth of their child. While it is not perfect it shows how far the world has come since WWII.
To date the USO has 160 centers worldwide. Families are supported throughout and after their military service time. Along with the member the USO provides families services for the family left behind. Children have a hard time adjusting to a parent being
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Reintegration back with your family and the civilian world can be frightening. The military kids are provided programs to cope with the two biggest hurdles of post deployment. USO provides Comfort Crew that speaks with the kids who are dealing with a parent who is injured or made the ultimate sacrifice. For the Service member that does make it home whether, it is from end of service or a medical retirement the USO has many programs to make the transition seamless. One major program is Hire Heros, they provide workshops on resume writing, interview practices, and how to put the military career into civilian related career terms. For those Wounded Warriors who can no longer take care of themself there are caregiver seminars that provide a support system and an open forum to talk about the challenges they

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