Self Driving Car Case Study

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What changes could self-driving cars bring in different sectors of the economy? The fundamental usage of transportation is going to change at the future. And now the world is in the inflection point of transportation. This will have implications in all the sections of the economy and this will automatically change the way of life of most of the mankind. With the self-driving cars, these four aspects of economy are expected to change. Health and safety According to the reports from the World Health Organization and the Association for Safe International Road travel, about 1.3 million people across the world experience death due to the road accidents every year and around 20-50 million are injured or disabled by the road accidents. There are…show more content…
In future, Uber may employ engineers to take care of the control room activities. The control room is similar to the air traffic control. The role of a control room is to monitor several self-driving cars and to give directions to them if they need it. Though there may be a price drop and additional labor cost, self-driving business will be a successful one, as per experts’ prediction. Keeney said that, the market will be measured in trillions. By 2030, in North America, the market will be $1 trillion. ARK investment is predicting that, the individuals who buy a car for $30,000 and if they send it to Uber for offering the rides, the ride would cost 30 cents for a mile, then the owner can get back their amount, which they spent for buying a car in five years. A luxury model like Tesla Model 3 would charge more as it offers a luxury ride. In the future, Uber will aim to provide a mixture of self-driving and the human driven cars. But, experts predict that, self-driving cars will be largely found in larger cities and in these cities there will be a great demand for the transportation. Human driven cars will be operating in rural areas and
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