Uber Self Driving Case Study

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Problems with the Uber’s self-driving cars
Uber’s self-driving program has to be handled carefully because it had experienced many bumpy experiences. Uber’s self-driving cars have met with the accidents during trial and they didn’t obey the traffic signals, this happened in Pittsburgh, this is the city where the Uber’s self-driving cars are being tested.
The Uber’s autonomous car turn down to a one way street before its operator took control over it, so by this, we cannot find out, whether the mistake on the driver or with the self-driving car.
One of the Uber drivers said that, the Uber self-driving car pulled over the sides of the road ad met with the accident. But Uber has confirmed only one accident others it left unaddressed.
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The company’s largest expense is the drivers. So they prefer self-driving cars than the drivers, because self-driving cars will be available at the lower rates. In terms of price, people will prefer the self-driving cars, as they are lot cheaper than the normal Uber fares.
Arrival of new technology
It is a common fact that, when the new technology, it pushes the old down and the new technology will threaten the existence of workers and their emotions will tend to increase. This situation happened when Uber was introduced; it pushed the taxis down when it arrived in the industry.
People didn’t discuss about the driver jobs in this situation, but this actually matters a lot. Lyft Company said that, their drivers will not lose their jobs; even the self-driving cars are introduced. Because, the human driven cars will also operate along with the self-driving cars, so it is safe for the Lyft drivers. The situation of the Uber drivers is under confusion.
It is easy for the company to tell the drivers that this will be the future, but the occupation and the life of the Uber drivers’ matters a lot.
Peak demand
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