Ugly Love Analysis

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Ugly Love
Ugly love is such a nice novel to read with somehow can happen in reality even if it’s a Fiction Novel. The book is a story more of the issues happening to our society such as love being hard to find and sex being easy to find. Ugly love like “ love that is ugly means lust is beyond happiness and lust is more spoken and active” Ugly love is a novel about love that is like no strings attached but more of like being friends with benefits and the trust, love and hope for a good future ahead.

The Genre is more of Romance because of how they develop from strangers who Miles being drunk outside Tate’s room because he broke up with Rachel and then Tate became merciful to put a Drunk Miles
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The Novel is a good read and convincing to the person who are having pre-marital sex and having an affair. Well it is one of a story that prevents pre-marital sex and scares a person to have a sexual relationship with someone. The ideas are developed from strangers to love but the author does not conlude the chapter and does not summarize it but it is convicing to everyone because it is a lovely story of two strangers who met in a apartment and started falling inlove. It needs to be a film.

There are no footnotes but there are headnotes which it describes the point of view of each chapter. It is divided into two perspective such as Miles perspective and Tates Perspective.
The book’s format layout is good and especially the cover page of the book. It is beautiful.
There are no Illustrations and maps. The book accomplishes an award of New York Times Best Seller. Coleen Hoover’s book Hopeless is better and if by the story I guess Looking for Alaska is better too by John Green.

I love the part near ending where Miles Archer said “I miss you” to Tate. It was when Tate left the apartment and went to another apartment. It is when Miles have searched for Tate because he loves him but at first he cannot express
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One event can lead to another life. The spirit of each other that became connected everytime they be with each other. The plot twist and everything but it gives one of the issues of the society where sex is a easy to find and ofcourse lust and adultery. Well it is one of our hierarchy of needs it is part of the most needed by our body. Our physiological needs sex. By means I found a moral lesson while reading the novel. I found out that let us tell everything that we want to say and express to someone before its too late that is what miles missed. He does not say the he loves Tate even if Tate wants him to love her and to Tate never give up on your dreams Love is all that matter but it is correct if we give up if we did everything for our partner. I rate it 4 over 5 because it was a good read but I love Hopeless of Coleen Hoover it is better than her book Ugly love.

Colleen Hoover was born December 11, 1979 in Sulphur Springs, TX, to Vannoy Fite and Eddie Fennell. She grew up in Saltillo, TX, and graduated from Saltillo High School in 1998. In 2000, she married Heath Hoover, with whom she now has three sons and a pig named Sailor. She is the author of Hopeless,Ugly love and Confession.

Briggs Poblete is studying Speech and Language Pathology at De Lasalle Health Sciences Institute. Briggs was born on September 28,1998 at Muntinlupa Medical Center. His Mother is Maribeth A. Poblete and Father Manuel
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