Ukulele Monologue

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One of my favorite things in this whole world is to play the ukulele. I was first introduced to the ukulele because my brother wanted one, since it was the “thing” at the time. At first my sister was the one who taught me, but eventually I started to learn on my own by searching up chords on the internet, and through youtube tutorials. The very first song I learned was the tab for the Harry Potter Theme Song. But my sister started to get annoyed because I would always forget which part came next in the song. But now, I am very proud to say that I’ve gotten much better ever since then and hope that I’ll only get better in the future. It has gotten a lot easier to memorize the chords, change chords, and my strumming techniques have definitely…show more content…
Sometimes I would play the ukulele just for one song and end up playing for almost 1-2 hours without realizing it. I can practice day and night without getting bored, it’s almost addicting. No matter how late or tired I am, if I’m in the mood to play the ukulele I won’t go to sleep, even on a school night. There are nights when I play the ukulele around nine or ten o’clock p.m. and won’t stop until it’s about twelve a.m. My siblings tend to get very annoyed since I always play the same songs over and over again, I try to learn a new chord, tab, or song everyday. I recently learned that there are such things as a harp ukulele, guitar ukulele, and violin ukulele. I’ve seen cover videos with these instruments and they sound incredible. I’d really like the opportunity to be able to play theses instruments just to see how it would feel, but I would rather play a normal ukulele than an altered version of it. Currently, my favorite songs to play are: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train, “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance, “Get Out” by Casey Abrahams, “All of The Stars” by Ed Sheeran, “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes, and “Riptide” by Vance Joy. Although I haven’t learned the complete song, I still love to play the tab of “Lost Woods” from Legend of Zelda. I am now trying to learn the tab for the Howl’s Moving Castle Theme
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