Ukyo Ajibana Research Paper

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Ukyo Ajibana was born in Kyoto to the parents of Aiji and Keirii. During his five to eleven years old, he had to move to the bigger city of Nagoya because of his parents work. He had went to the wizardry school in Asia. He hadn 't known what he would do in his life. He had stayed put in a while in Naoya. He had wanted to figure out what he had wanted in life. During his teenager years he had been diagnosed by a doctor with split personality disorder. Ukyo hadn 't thought had going through normal day to day activities with the second personality he was diagnosed at the age of twelve after a psychotic trauma he had experienced that someone had tried to kill him. Ura was born from that trauma. Ukyo had been making sure nobody was around when Ura had came out. He had kept moving around…show more content…
From age of eighteen, he had moved to Singapore again this time for the rest of seventh year. He had graduated with the people of his seventh year with the rest of the school When he was nineteen he had moved back to Nagoya. He had stayed in Nagoya for quite a while. During one year he had moved to London, England to stay. He had wanted to figure out what he had wanted. This was when he had became a freelance photographer. He had became a photographer and taking pictures all of the places. When he was just twenty years old, he had slowly gained his popularity and he sent his pictures into the magazine that he usually gives his pictures too. When he was just twenty-one he had stayed away from the rest of the people, but his grandfather had died during this time. When he was twenty-two years he had meet a girl by the name of Mai. They had hung out during this time and even went out on a couple dates. He had held onto her hand while he was dating her. From ages of twenty-three to twenty-four he had still been dating the same girl ever since. He had protected her from anyone that comes near to hurt her. Even from Ura, but he had accepted that fact that Ura was a constant piece in his
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