Ulrich Zwingli Influence On Religion

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Ulrich Zwingli is known as the founder of Swiss Protestantism. He was the first reformed theologian. Zwingli was born on January 1st 1484 in the Eastern part of Switzerland. In the beginning of his life, his father had risen in socioeconomic class and became part of the upper-middle class. Through this, Ulrich’s father had given him a better education. Zwingli was sent to an uncle who used to be a priest. From his uncle, he learned writing and reading. He was later sent to high school at the age of ten to learn music, Latin, and dialect. Later, his father sent him to a humanist,Heinrich Woeflin, to study under. He was shown about the ideas and arts of the Renaissance. The Dominican Monks took interest in Ulrich and tried to recruit him, however Ulrich’s father did not want his son to be a monk.…show more content…
He later went to Basel university and earned a humanist education. Under a theology professor, Thomas Wyttenbach, Ulrich Zwingli started to realize some abuse that went on in the church. Soon Ulrich Zwingli became ordained to the Roman Catholic Church. He bought a pastorate at Glarus church. In his 10 years of service to the church, he served twice as a chaplain for young mercenaries. These mercenaries were in great demand, and this was also a way of income. However, Ulrich began to see horrific scenes. Swiss mercenaries were killing other
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