Ultra Imperialism

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Ethically, the love of one’s country is vital to the prosperity of a country. Not only should there be trust among the citizens, trust between citizens and the government is also especially important. Keeping and loving traditional culture increases nationalism, which is beneficial for a country’s development. However, if nationalism becomes too extreme, people begin to think their country’s culture is the only right culture. When this happens, those citizens try to impose their culture on other countries. Those who do not meet the requirements of the culture or choose not to follow the culture, receive harsh punishment. Extreme nationalism is called “ultra-nationalism” and the best examples are Nazi Germany and Imperialist
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Annemarie’s mother went with the Rosens, but she broke her ankle. Since Mrs. Johanson was unable to walk, Annemarie was asked to take a package to her uncle. She ran as fast as she could. Although she encountered German soldiers, she successfully delivered the package to her uncle. In the package, there was a handkerchief that was designed to keep the Germans’ dogs from smelling the human cargo. The Jewish people were hiding inside the basement of the ship, and when they reached Sweden, they would no longer need to fear the German soldiers. Later, Mrs. Johansen told Annemarie that Lise, her sister, was killed by the Germans because she was a member of the Resistance. Annemarie decided to wear Star of David pendant until Ellen returned.
Through Number the Stars, readers can understand how much pain and suffering the Jewish people had to go through because of the Germans. During World War II, Germany was one of the most powerful countries, and thus, many surrounding countries were under the rule of Germany. Jewish people living in those areas were paralyzed with fear every single day. Nazi Germany seized all the shops owned by the Jewish, taking away their livelihood. Jewish people were then sent to concentration camps. Adolf Hitler’s ultra-nationalism towards the Aryan race caused these unacceptable war
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