Ultrasonic Sensors Seminar Report

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Here we can see a middle portion, where the visibility of four of the sensors are not reach. This is known as blind zone. The area of the blind zone can be reduced by the proper placement of sensors, or by using more number of sensors. One of the alternate solution for covering the entire area with the help of minimum number of sensors is shown below. Here an ultrasonic sensor is placed over a servo motor. And this set up will placed at one of the corner of the room. And the servo motor will rotate so that using single ultrasonic sensor 90 degree can cover. Fig. 3: Efficient configuration using servo motor. Ultrasonic sensors are transducers that convert ultrasound waves to electrical signals and vice versa. These devices work on principle similar to the…show more content…
A PIR sensor passively detects infrared radiations in its surrounding area. Since this technology is used in fire detection it is also known as pyrosensors. In contrast to ultrasonic sensors a transmitter section is not needed here. It is obvious that a PIR motion sensor will only reacts to an object rather than the surrounding, for example human, humans animals or warm vehicles. It is important to know that the sensor does not sense absolute heat radiation, but only temporal and local changes in radiation. That is required to avoid steady and immediate heat radiations. Fig. 4 shows the flow chart that showing working of the proposed system. The area in which we are going to implement will be well defined in terms of its dimensions. The PIR sensors and the ultrasonic sensors will constantly monitors the area. These sensors will connected to a micro controller. Whenever an obstacle is detected by the ultrasonic sensors, it will triggered and these information will passes to the micro controller, now the micro controller also incorporate

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