Ultrasonic Sensor Research Paper

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DESIGN OF ULTRASONIC SENSOR FOR DRIVING AID SYSTAM SHANTANU L. KULKARNI1, M. ELANGO2 SMBS, VIT University, Vandalur- Kelambakkam Road, Chennai-600127, India 1shantanu.laxmikant2014@vit.ac.in Abstract: Presently a days the vehicles are full loaded with the security frameworks to decrease the danger of mischances. This paper concentrates on two kind of article discovery framework. As front and side item recognition frameworks. The utilization of ultrasonic sensors in security frameworks for urban movement by keeping up the safe separation between the vehicles. Versatile voyage control for urban movement focused around ultrasounds as an application.…show more content…
Conclusion: Advancement in the safety of the vehicle by using the ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor system is used for the vehicle safety that is it can be used in to detect the distance between the front vehicle and rear vehicle also it can be used in for side safety of the vehicle that the sensor system is placed on the side of the system for safety purpose. From that the vehicle safety in the urban traffic increases. Acknowledgments: I would like to thank the Vellore Institute of technology, Chennai and SMBS for my research support. I would like to convey my hurtful thanks and express our gratitude to my guide M. Elango for his outstanding support, encouragement and valuable guidance that he has given to make this work a success. References: [1] Luciano Alonso, Jorge Godoy, “Ultrasonic sensor in Urban Traffic driving- aid system”, Sensor 2011 [2] Jougkyu Park, Yub Je, “Design of an ultrasonic sensor for Measuring distance and detecting obstacle”, 2009 [3] W. Riley Garrott and Mark A. Flick, “Hardware evaluation of Heavy truck side and rear object detection system”. [4] Jer- Vui Lee, ‘Vehicle surrounding supervision’, December

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