The Importance Of Ultrasound

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Ultrasound can be used as an alternative to x-ray for many investigations to minimize the use of radiation. The utility of ultrasound in the NICU lies in its portability, reliability and lack of radiation exposure. In NICU, ultrasound can be used for a wide range of indications, such as research, proceed guidance and rapid assessment of critical emergencies.

In addition, ultrasound can be a guidance to improve safety and success rate of clinical procedures, such as umbilical vein catheter (UVC) placement. Given its availability and reliability, ultrasound can be used frequently and longitudinally to follow-up certain procedure. Thus, ultrasound can decrease the use and dependence on x-rays to confirm the appropriate placement of umbilical
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For example, it will induce the thyroid cancer. Radiation exposure to thyroid during childhood is the most clearly environmental factor associated with benign and malignant thyroid tumors. The risk of thyroid cancer following irradiation is related to radiation dose and age (greater for children exposed early in life), and the risk persists throughout life. The thyroid gland is a radiation-sensitive gland. Radiation exposure may result in thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, and hypothyroidism. The risk of radiation-induced thyroid neoplasms is more common after childhood than adult radiation exposure and is, in part, related to radiation dose. High-dose head and neck radiation also increases the risk of hypothyroidism. Low-dose (environmental radiation) exposure may increase the possibility of developing markers of autoimmune thyroid disease, although the evidence for this and developing hypothyroidism are conflicting (Schneider,…show more content…
The risk for childhood cancer from prenatal radiation exposure is shown in Table 2. For estimation purposes, the lifetime cancer incidence risk for exposure at age 10 years also is shown in Table 2
Estimated Lifetime‡ Cancer Incidence The other risk the neonate facing is the proliferation of the cell is being disturbed. Cell proliferation is the one of the most fundamental, highly organized and complex biological process (Hughes, 2003). The tissue is growth primarily by increasing the number of cells, although this is accompanied by parallel increase in cell size and the amount of intercellular substance. As we know, the proliferation of the cell is at the highest rate during the neonatal stage.

These risks should be informed to the patient’s guardian that any procedure that have been done will always have the risk on the patient or their child. If the procedure needed to be done, the patient’s guardian should sign the consent form. This is to prevent any issue that will be brought up by the patient’s guardian. The purpose of the consent form is to protect the radiographer from being sued by the guardian if anything happens to their
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