Ulysses After The Trojan War Analysis

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What is one to think about the Decisions of Ulysses?

Ulysses a great king/war genral, traveled the world for various reasons. During this time away from home Ulysess was able to gain a feeling of Self worth. Shortly after the end of the trojan war, Ulysses began his journey back home to Ithaca. This is where things will change for those native to the land of ithaca as well as Ulysses. As he get closer and closer to home he then realizes that his heart and passion is no longer with leading the nation of ithaca but in gaining a opportunity to have a more civilized lifestyle. Ulysses understands that if does stay and lead the nation of ithaca he is leading a nation full of uneducated savages and living a life with an aged wife. By the end of the story Ulysses has to choose wheater to go and seek a
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As a man myself with various responsibilities I often get tired of just taking care of everyone else 's needs except for my own. I get so wrapped up in trying to make everyone around me life easier that I feel that I live for everyone else but me. We as individuals often sacrafice our own happiness for family or those individuals we are responsible for taking care of. Just as the question was posed in the introduction, at what point does one say enough is enough and begin living life for themselves? Just as Ulysses, we all have to let go of what makes us unhappy and begin to Start living a life that makes us happy.

In conclusion, there are various debates on the decisions Ulysses made to follow his dreams. As for me I agree with Ulysses because we do need to start doing what makes us happy. You dont want life to pass you by and you realize that you all you have done is please everyone else but yourself. The Lesson i have learned from reading this peom about Ulysses, is that our happiness should come first and we need to wake up and realize
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