Ulysses And Odysseus Comparison Essay

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Compare & Contrast
Moviegoers were feeling quite amused when Homer’s epic, “The Odyssey” was adapted into the movie, ”O’ Brother where art thou?”, which became a humorous, tickling story after the Coen brothers collaborated to create it in the 1990s. Despite the fact that the storyline in the movie did not follow the classical epic story patterns, it was loosely based on the epic heroic story, The Odyssey. Thus, there would be many things in common between those two stories although some differences would also exist. Mostly, the differences would more likely be detected in the separate scenes. On the other hand, the actual storyline, the characteristics of the heroes and the obstacles that they overcame were quite similar that we wouldn’t
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The noticeable difference between Ulysses and Odysseus was that Ulysses was eager to bring his family together as a whole even if his wife would be going to marry another man. He showed the loyalty of his unchanging love towards his wife though he was facing many obstacles before he could get her back. Yet, Ulysses was as foolish as Odysseus in some cases. For example, the choices he made before following the bank robber, rescuing Tommy from being lynched by the Ku Klux Klan and singing on the stage before the authorities in disguise. Ulysses was very resourceful while facing these dangers but he had arrogance and was always skeptical of God’s hand in his…show more content…
In the Odyssey, the hero arrives home in disguise, finds out that his wife is being courted and wooed by villainous men and eventually devises a way to kill them all with the help of his faithful servant and his teenaged son. In Ulysses’ story, his wife demands him to find her original wedding ring before she will take her back. The main antagonist, Sheriff Cooley who corresponds to Poseidon in the Odyssey, and his men arrest and prepare to hang them but they are saved by a miracle. Moreover, he has only daughters with his wife, not a
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