Ulysses As A Tragic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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In the book, Odyssey by Homer, Ulysses has a struggling voyage home to Ithaca. Ulysses is a roman hero that couldn’t make it home after the Trojan War. After the war, trying to find his way home, he stumbled upon Ogygia, which lead to him being captured by a goddess named Calypso. Calypso fell madly in love with Ulysses and wouldn’t let him leave her land for seven years. Back at Ulysses home, Ithaca, a disarray began to rise among the people thinking he had died in the war. As people began to speculate, suitors flooded Ulysses families estate. They wanted anything they could have, especially Ulysses wife, Penelope. His wife remained faithful and grew annoyed by the constant pestering of the suitors. Calypso immensely delayed and added difficulties…show more content…
Ulysses is the hero in the Odyssey for the trojan war. He lead his men through many enemies and dangers they faced on their trip home such as the six headed monster, Jupiter’s storm, and Neptune’s huge wave. Ulysses also has more to his family than just his wife; he has a son, Telemachus. When Ulysses left for war, his son was young and vulnerable, but now he’s much older and tries to settle Ithaca the best he can, now that his father is gone. He must get home for his family. Ulysses has captured the heart of Calypso, and she won’t let him leave, since she is completely head over heals for him. Ulysses must make the complicated venture home to prove he’s still alive and take back his…show more content…
Since Calypso delayed Ulysses and got him off course, he runs into some major disasters. This puts his life and his crew’s lives into danger as well. They run into calamities such as a six headed monster, Neptune’s storm, Jupiter’s attack, and cyclopes. Calypso’s narcissistic enterprise also costed Ulysses more time without his son, the next time Ulysses would see his son he’d be much older. This puts a lot of stress on Telemachus because he’s trying to keep his mother and Ithaca stable, while handling his father’s disappearance, trying to hold on to his father still being alive, hearing from Minerva that his father could still be alive. Not only does Ulysses suffer from being kept away from Ithaca but so does Penelope, being forced to marry a new suitor she doesn’t care for. Ithaca will topple if Ulysses cannot

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