Ulysses Everett Mcgill Character Analysis

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1. Describe the personalities of the three main characters Ulysses Everett McGill, Pete Hog wallop and Delmar O’ Donell. (3 point)
Ulysses Everett McGill is a clever, quick-witted person and fast-talking. He’s good at coming up with good plans when things go wrong. He’s disdainful when it comes to religion, for example: when Delmar and Pete were baptized, they said all their sins have been pardoned, Ulysses Everett said that the priest is lying to them. Ulysses has numerous characteristics that are similar to Odysseus. Pete Hog wallop and Delmar both are clumsy and dim-witted. Pete doesn’t like the fact that Ulysses tries to be the leader of their group. Pete feels guilty easily throughout the movie.
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Be sure to use two specific examples from the film to support your connection. (2 points)

The film O brother where art thou relates to the Odyssey in various ways. Many characters, the plot and the story line relates to it. Ulysses Everett McGill was one of the characters that relate to one of the characters in the Odyssey. In my opinion, he is like the character Odysseus from the Odyssey. In the film, Ulysses is confined in prison and in the Odyssey Odysseus is kept captive on Calypsos Island. Ulysses disguises himself to get his wife back, so she doesn’t get married to someone else and in the Odyssey Odysseus disguises himself so that he can safely get back home to his family. Ulysses and Odysseus both come across a prophecy. Both characters are wise and clever. This is why Ulysses and Odysseus are like one another.

We can make some deductions about Southern American culture while watching this film. Using the chart below, identify the cultural understandings we can infer from the film based on examples for each of the following five topics. (5 marks)

Topic Example from O Brother What it tells us about the American South

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