Ulysses Everett Mcgill's Leadership In O Brother Where Art Thou

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Ulysses Everett McGill is a character that is portrayed as a proud and powerful leader in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou. Ulysses Everett McGill’s’ leadership characteristics are similar to Odysseus leadership within The Odyssey. Odysseus as a character is superior to others yet humble. Ulysses Everett McGill’s character from O Brother, Where Art Thou defends the Odysseus character from The Odyssey. Ulysses Everett McGill acts strategically about whatever he does, but is also loyal to others around. Everett accepts that he lied about the treasure, but he explained that it was only because he wanted to stop his wife from being married to another man and be back with his family. This shows how Everett strategically lied about the treasure…show more content…
When it was the right time he humbly claims that he did lie about the treasure. He accepts that he should be punished for lying to them, but right now they should still trust him so they could together find and stop Everett’s wife from marrying someone else. This shows that he knows of his faults, but focused on the main goals. Everett lies, but he lies about something that does not harm others, but does it in a way so he can also benefit. His companions did not loss anything that they had instead they were freed from jail. As a result, he earns the respect that he accepts his mistakes without causing harm to others with him or around. Both Everett and Odysseus recognize and admit their mistakes with pride. In The Odyssey “Odysseus enters his home as a beggar, and the suitors mock and abused him. Penelope asks to speak with the beggar, but Odysseus puts her off until nightfall” (Book 17, Italic) Odysseus is shown to overcome his pride while he was a beggar and during his stay with the Calypso. For example, back at home he was always treated like the king of Ithaca but he becomes a beggar overthrowing his pride of a rich king. He only cares for his family now and will do anything now after this long journey to be back with his wife and son ruling his kingdom again. For this reason, he accepts that he is at an equal level of pride and humility.
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