Ulysses S. Grant Reputation

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Erickson, Drew Mr. Miraya Hon. History 4-20-17 Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant had a tremendous reputation for being fearless when he was on the battlefield. In March of 1864, Ulysses S. Grant was getting a reputation of being a fearless determined leader on the battlefield. He won his first major battle at the battle of Fort Donnellson when the general for of the fort asked about terms of the surrender Grant responded with “no terms of surrender an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted” ( Before Grant was headed as the top general for the Union army, Lincolns top general before Grant was Ambrose Burnside he was a lot more timid than Grant was. At the first major battle of the Civil War at the…show more content…
Grant also inspired his men and fellow commanding officers to not let their morals to be dragged on. At the end of the first day of Battle of Shiloh, Grant’s second in command Don Carolos Buell came up to him thinking to say I think we need to retreat. But when he remembered Grants fighting style which was “find your enemy, hit them with everything you’ve got and keeping moving on”. Instead he said one heck of day of fighting and grant replied with yes will get them tomorrow and they did. Another story about him up lifting his men was when Ulysses S. Grant was on a box cart headed to Washington D.C. too meet with President Lincoln and all of the union soldiers along the railroad stood by it just wanting to catch a glimpse of Grant. He used his determination to win battles before he was the top general he led “a bunch of who led by generals who played by the rule book”. He did not go by that unlike and it translated to win after victory after victory. Which led to the confidence of the Union soldiers…show more content…
Grant was known for being a tremendous strategist on the battlefield. When Grant attacked the town of Vicksburg in 1863 he held a six week siege around the town of Vicksburg ( Grant set up gun boats around the town of Vicksburg and would often blow the city with cannon fire (creating America textbook). Sometimes the Union and Confederate lines were so close that they were within shouting distance of each other ( Another strategy that Grant had, he would do at the battle of Vicksburg he would cut off the supply lines to city so that they would starve (creating America textbook). That’s what eventually led the Confederates to surrender the city to Grant and John Rodgers. “When they won this battle and took the town the favor of the war turned to the North” (creating America textbook). Another example of Grant’s genius military strategies was at the Battle of Fort Donnellson. The Union attacked the fort early in the morning and was quickly force to retreat, but Grant quickly attacked again ( Two Confederate generals retreated to Nashville and command over to a guy named Simon Buckner who eventually surrendered ( When he asked for terms grant responded which became a famous saying be Grant "No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted”
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