Ulysses S. Grant's Argumentative Essay

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But it turns out D.C. police once arrested the president of the United States for speeding.

Just like Fenty, Ulysses S. Grant liked to drive himself around the city — and the president liked to go fast through Georgetown.

“He actually was racing his buggy on M street, where he was taken into custody,” says Cathy Lanier, today’s D.C. police chief. “We seize his horse and buggy.”

Lanier says it wasn’t an isolated incident for Grant.

“The metropolitan police department actually stopped and cited Ulysses S. Grant three times for speeding,” she says.

After police hauled the president down to the police station, they were unsure if they could charge a sitting president if he had not been impeached.

“They ended up letting him pay a fine and walk back to the White House,” Lanier says.
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policeman assigned to protect President Lincoln was drunk and left his post the night Lincoln was
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