Umra Omar Character Analysis

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Oliver Stone once said “Heroes are everyday, common people.” Many people think of Batman, or Superman when they hear the word hero, but there are other heroes than just the ones who have superpowers. Although the most acclaimed heroes may be the comic book characters, but ordinary people are heroes too. The heroes in real life are the normal everyday people who have courage, bravery, determination, and generosity; people like Harry Swimmer or Christopher Reeves are heroes. The exclusive traits someone possesses is what makes a normal person a hero.

First of all, all hero needs to be brave, they need to be able to overcome their fears. Umra Omar is a perfect example of this. Although Umra Omar is a pregnant woman and also has a family back in America, she
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She demonstrates heroism because she is brave. She shows this by venturing to the dangerous islands to give medical care. While many doctors would stay at hospitals, Umra Omar has enough courage to go to Africa and give treatment to the people without hospitals. By going to these islands she is also putting her pregnant baby in jeopardy. Since Umra Omar risked her life to save others, she exhibits bravery and proves herself to be a true hero. Odysseus is another person that shows bravery in his story. After Odysseus and his men get trapped in a cyclops’ cave, they had to find a way out or they would get eaten by the cyclops: “They held the sharpened olivewood stake, and thrust it into his eye. We took the red hot stake and twisted it round and round like that in his eye, and the blood poured out despite the heat”(Homer 33). Odysseus proved himself to be a hero because he was brave. Although the cyclops was huge and had already at some of his men, he mustered enough courage and bravery to stab him in the eye. Many might have failed to do so because of fear, but Odysseus was able to overcome his fear. He

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