Umuofia Women

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It is clear that the women of Umuofia are treated differently than the men of the Igbo society. Women were considered weak and frail. Unintelligent and not worthy of “manly work”. The violent and supreme control men displayed was normal to the people of these villages. Women very rarely were allowed to have an opinion or decision on anything, as long as they obeyed those in a higher position than themselves, all was good. Not for the women but the men of course. Anyone that wasn’t a female was automatically in a higher position and would always be for the rest of their lives. Although many would find this offensive like myself, that was the way of life for them, women of Umuofia were clearly treated differently than men. Many examples will be given to support my thesis. On page 13 in chapter two the quote was written, “Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand. His wives, especially the youngest, lived in perpetual fear of his fiery temper”. This quote is demonstrating the fear that women felt over men. Not only were they discriminated, but beaten as well. Men were given full control and as well could be aggressive in their households. Women often lived in fear of their…show more content…
On page 16-19 in chapter three, “He belongs to the clan he told her. (Okonkwo’s eldest wife) So look after him. Is he staying long with us? She asked. Do what you are told woman, Okonkwo thundered and stammered. When did you become one of the ndichie of Umuofia. And so Nwoye’s mother took Ikemefuna to her hut and asked no more questions.” Okonkwo treats his wives as servants, demanding that they do whatever Okonkwo pleases without questioning him. Not only speaking to her as belittling her, but calling her by woman. Almost in the entire book, hardly any women are addressed by their names. They are just acknowledged as the partners of men, nothing
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