Un-Chronicled Reflection Paper

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In my first semester at Duke University, I have witnessed an array of attacks on minorities and the subsequent reaction by various student groups, ultimately leading to the production of an independent underground zine consisting of pieces written by a multitude of students: the Un-Chronicled. In this paper, I attempt to analyze the discourse set forth in the magazine using mainly the political ideologies presented by Wendy Brown in “Wounded Attachments” and, to a lesser extent, Richard Ford in “Beyond ‘Difference’: A Reluctant Critique of Legal Identity Politics.” While I believe many of the points made in the publication are valid and deserve the attention of both fellow students and administration, the presentation of those points is often…show more content…
While the comments were not specifically directed at her, she was still affected by the comments she overheard against “fucking Koreans” and “those chinks.” Five days later, a poster hanging in a lecture hall advertising an event featuring Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, was vandalized to read “White Lives Matter” and adorned with an anti-black racial slur. On November 5th, students in a freshmen residence hall woke up to a homophobic death threat written on the wall targeting a student. These attacks on three different marginalized groups occurring within such a short period of time set off a series of consequences within the Duke…show more content…
The students behind the underground publication distributed printed copies of the Un-Chronicled all over campus, while removing all copies of the Chronicle from stands. The intended audience is unclear, considering it claims to be “for and by the marginalized students” but includes statements directed at administration, asserting that “we see through your ‘task force’.” The pieces themselves discuss various different events on Duke’s campus and the writers’ individual reactions to
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