Un Recommends Eat More Bugs Analysis

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“UN Recommends Eating More Bugs” by David J. Tenenbaum is a report that informs and persuades readers to eat more bugs. In, “UN Recommends Eating More Bugs,” as reported in The Why Flies, the reporter builds an argument that eating insects as a source of protein in animal and human diets could help solve the world food problem. The reporter uses economical, ecological, and nutritional facts and evidence to strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of his argument. First, Tenenbaum uses economical evidence to strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of his argument. Tenenbaum states, “While it takes 10 kilograms of feed to produce 1 kilogram of beef, insects in general can do that with a couple of kilograms. In addition, he states that insects “don’t waste energy staying warm,” meaning that they would contain more transferable energy. Furthermore, the Tenenbaum states that insects are expensive. Since insects get people more value for less, they can help boost the economy.…show more content…
He includes how insects can be specifically seasoned to make them tasteful. For example, he captions under a photograph, “Plenty of worms and a frisson of danger to a taco […].” This builds his argument because it expresses to the readers that insects can appeal to their sense of taste, and they can add more flavor to other foods that people often eat. This encourages readers to go out and purchase insect foods and try them. Tenenbaum also includes that the insects can “pull out the carbohydrates and fats and minerals” in foods. He is persuading that if people eat insects, they will gain the energy from the carbohydrates, fats, and
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