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The “Speech To The Third Army: The Unabridged Versions” given by George Patton was harsh, to say the least, but after reading this I realized that War is harsh. General Patton’s speech was given to his troops on June 5, 1944 somewhere in England. This was given during World War II. It outlined why American soldiers chose to fight, how they should act, and what they needed to do in war. The speech was used as a tool to motivate his men. He wanted them to not be afraid, and focus on what they where there to do, protect their homes and families that they love so much. All though the soldiers where scared and uncertain, Patton gave them words of encouragement to help them get the job done. General Patton’s speech brings up a lot of ideas that I think are really important. Things like; death, family, freedom, choices, unity, and doing things for the good of man. In his speech he relates these things directly to war. They can also be related to people not involved in a war. Why I think it is so important is because everyday citizen can take these same…show more content…
If I was a soldier during WWII this would be exactly what I needed to hear. It made me think about what was really important. I would put aside all me fears and focus on what needed to be done. Although I am not a soldier in world War II, I feel that I can still apply his words in my life. I loved that it made me reevaluate my life and how I am living it. What I also really liked about this speech was that It gave me a scene of respect for all those who have ever fought for our great country. I love America and am grateful for all that I have. I have always been grateful for what soldiers do, but now I realize how harsh war is. How scared and tired they must be. They are so brave to leave their homes, families and all that they have and risk their lives for the rest of The U.S. I feel that this speech is very important for everyone to
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