Unauthorization Of Immigration

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Immigration began when the Civil Rights movement was growing, and people wanted to enter the US. Congress created the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, which is when the US population increased dramatically with the new immigrants. “Between 1965 and 2000, the highest number of immigrants (4.3 million) to the U.S. came from Mexico, in addition to some 1.4 million from the Philippines” (US Immigration par. 6). The Act created two new amnesty programs for unauthorized aliens and granted amnesty to the majority of the illegal immigrants. Amnesty also provided the admissions of immigrants from a variety of countries to increase the diversity of the immigrant flow. Although, when the immigrants started competing for jobs with low-income…show more content…
In order to be reunited into the states a visa must be applied for by a legal resident or a naturalized citizen. Often visas may be limited, which causes people to enter illegally (The causes of illegal immigration par. 27). “Theoretically, 480,000 slots are available for family reunification. In reality, the immediate family visa slots are unlimited and at least 226,000 visas are guaranteed to individuals entering” (Mckay par. 4). There are about eleven million estimated immigrants without legal living status in the United States. About five million of US citizens are children with at least one unauthorized parent (Ginatta para 5). Children who are citizens can not apply for legal status for a family member until they are twenty-one years old. This creates constant fear of not knowing if any day a family member could be deported. Family reunification is one of the largest causes of immigrants entering…show more content…
The immigrants undercut wages and take away jobs that would go to citizens. Undocumented workers “have lowered the wages of U.S. adults without a high-school diploma, 25 million of them , by anywhere between 0.4 to 7.4 percent”(Davidson par.4). Although it can also be seen as the undocumented works complement the skilled workers not competing with them. It is best to get the jobs done when the work can be divided. The skilled laborers can spend longer time focusing on their job and make more money. “ From 1990 to 2007, undocumented workers increased legal workers’ pay in complementary jobs by up to 10 percent”( Davidson par.5). This is what made the economy productivity grow. Another factoring reason immigrants help is because they are paying all sorts of money to the government just like everyone else. Immigrants pay rent to the landowners which pay taxes, they pay for gas and for electricity and others. So in the long run, immigrant bring hard to see benefits the average
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