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Have you ever thought of yourself as a person who has the guts to do anything, but in reality when it comes time to actually do something you back out of it? In the book Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand Louis “Louie” Zamperini had partaken in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Not long after Louie had competed in the games he had continued on his path to success to join the U.S. Air Forces in 1940, right around when World War II had begun. When Louie and his fellow crew members were flying over the Pacific Ocean in their B-24D Army Air Forces bomber one day in May of 1943, they had crashed into the ocean due to two engine failures. After crashing into the Pacific there were only three survivors; Louie, pilot Lieutenant Russell Allen…show more content…
For example, when Louie, Phil, and Mac were stranded at sea for forty-six days, he had kept everyone’s spirits and hopes up so they wouldn’t all be overcome with insanity. Louie and his crew had just crashed their B-24D Army Air Force bomber into the Pacific Ocean and the only crew members that had survived were Louie, Phil, and Mac. These three men had made their way onto the inflatable life raft where they had suffered from a lack of food and water, heat stroke, poor hygiene, and just overall terrible conditions. But, to keep everyone’s minds sharp Louie suggested singing songs and to keep talking to each other about anything that would keep their minds off of the current situation that they were in. While the men were on the raft Louie said, “Within a few days of the crash, Louie began peppering the other two with questions on every conceivable subject…They told and retold stories…Phil sang church hymns; Louie taught the other two the lyrics to “White Christmas”(page 152-153). This excerpt from Unbroken shows how Louie’s perseverance to survive had kept the majority of what remained of his crew members sane and hopeful. This proves my thesis statement because it proves that Louie was a very diligent man who had believed that he had a long life ahead of him if he were to just overcome these hard and extremely difficult times. To conclude, Louie had the tenacity and had intended to keep living

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