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The Inspiring Heroic, Louie Zamperini Louis was a mischievous child until war hit him. In his childhood Louis had put a bad impression on him, as he was doing drugs, smoking and being disrespectful. As a young child he was a troublemaker who was later well known for a track star in High School. He was severely beaten many times in camps as he was in war. He was also an olympic star who met Adolf Hitler. In the book, Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand, specializes Louis in two character traits. He is tenacious and rebellious. In chapter 18, Louis was in a POW camp, “A biscuit was tossed into Louis’s cell, breaking into bits on the floor’’ (pg 139). This is an example of how not to be treated in a camp, as they are there to be helped. It was the last day of September of 1944 in Tokyo, “ Louis raised his eyes to the corporal’s face. Again came the whirling arm, the blow to the skull, the stumbling legs” (pg. 173). He was beat by “The Bird”, an instructor in the camp, no one should be beaten, the instructors are their to help, teach and instruct not to treat others aggressively. Lastly, in a different camp, “Weeks passed; the Bird attacked Louie relentlessly. Unable to escape, Louie became increasingly angry… When the bird lunged for Louis, Louis imagines strangling him, and…show more content…
He was put into camps in which one of the leaders hurt him, beat him and made fun of him. These two traits help describe Louie because he endured brutality many times. He resisted the hard battle in war, while being severely hit. His brother Pete helped him achieve his goal of becoming a professional track runner later on in his life. He was a determinist because he strived to achieve his goal in many ways. Louis Zamperini was a successful person growing up, although many people didn’t imagine Louis as a healthy, polite, achiever; He helped change people's perspective by becoming a better person in life and sincerely achieving a

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