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In the novel, Unbroken, author Laura Hillenbrand did an excellent job displaying main character, Louie Zamperini 's’ resilience throughout the story as he was a prisoner of war. In short, Louie had an amazing trait of being able to take a unfortunate situation and turn it around to success. Whether it was his troublemaking school years, stressful running career, or trauma from the war he always came out on top. Starting the novel, Louie is described as quite the rascal. He was constantly getting in fights and not doing well in school. He was once quoted admitting that during this time in his life he began to get addicted to fighting, because he was so good at it. His family noticed that Louie was getting out of control. To help sway Louie away from this bad road his old brother Pete got him into running leading to Louie 's’ turning point in life. …show more content…

This completely lifted his confidence he could finally see that he was more than the troublemaker of his family. His success grew rather quickly, because his goal was to get to the next Olympic games. He is always training and training to keep improving. When it comes almost time to try out for the Olympic trials Louie knows that he will never be fast enough to qualify for the mile race he has been training for. Instead of giving up and calling it quits on his running career Louie takes a different approach. He decides that he is going try for the 5000 meter race. This is a very risky move this close to the trail, but this just further proves his motivation to succeed. He only had a chance to practice this race a couple times before he headed over to German for the real thing. Once there Louie ends up getting 8th place and running an impressive finish of fifty six seconds. This was good enough for him to get recognized by Adolf Hitler, and he only had practiced this event

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