Unbroken Ground Summary

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Have you ever wondered what was on this campus before it became a university? Would you have looked up any information if you didn’t have to write an essay on it? In “Unbroken Ground”, by Savannah State University the article gave us an illustration of what Savannah State was like before it became a University. The land was once a place for slaves, immigrants, trade, and eventually to gain an education. Savannah was founded as a “social and religious utopia, mainly to attract as many adventurous people as possible to inhabit the area.”
Before Savannah State became a university, we have to look back in time to receive the history. It all started with local tribes, then soon the colonist started to take over. General Oglethorpe wanted to contribute to Savannah’s economy in the “long-term future”. To meet the long-term goals that he set, he began to think about ways that would help to make the economy become more efficient. He thought about crops needing to be grown in much more quantities than they were, but Oglethorpe was against slavery. “Slavery is against the Gospel, as well as the fundamental law of England. We refused as trustees to make a law permitting such a horrid crime”, but Parliament passed
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The penalty was very weird, it depended on your race and for blacks, it happened to be cheaper. For a white person their penalty was $2.00, but for a black person, it was $1.00. If a person of color did not have the money, they are given up to 39 lashes. By the 1820’s, Williamson was a very rich man. He owned many plantations and still had his role in the government. He did not really handle his responsibilities, he skipped jury duty and was fined $40.00 for it. In 1822 he decided that he wanted to sell “large swaths of land as well as slaves and horses”. Williamson died in 1843 and his wife died in
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