Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand: Character Analysis

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Adventurous and dangerous, Louie Zamperini’s life was one that many will never forget. Louie’s childhood wasn’t very great, he would get into lots of trouble from fights and running from the police. When Louie’s brother Pete heard about everything that Louie was doing, so he decided to get Louie into running track, and soon enough Louie would win every race he was in. Then at the age of 19 he qualified for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Louie then went into the military and then he had been captured by the Japs. In the book Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand the author described Louie so well. Louie can be described in so many ways but the two biggest traits that stick out are his rebelliousness and his resilience. Louie was very rebellious as a child and when he was an adult. “At five, he started smoking, picking up cigarette butts while walking to kindergarten” (pg. 7). This shows that even at age five Louie would try to do the wrong thing such as smoking which could have messed up his whole career as a runner. “Ordered to bow…show more content…
After Louie got captured he was taken to a camp, while he heard voices “He let their voices wash over him, finding reason to hope” (pg. 140). When at the P.O.W. camp Kwajalein, Louie would hope and he would always hear voices that reassured him that everything was going to be alright. “Louie bore it with clenched fists, eyes blazing, but the assaults were wearing him down” (pg. 186). When Louie first met The Bird, Louie got beat and brutalized leaving him with less hope than before, but he always got back up to take the next hit. “A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain” (pg. 36). These words that Louie’s brother Pete told him would stay with Louie forever and always help him in times of need, because Louie knew that if he lost all hope he would disappoint his brother. In the end Louie never lost hope and he kept going till the day he died on July 2,
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