Unbroken Perseverance

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The film Unbroken honors Louie Zamperini’s ability to persevere the utmost cruel situations. Unbroken was a fairly accurate representation of Louie Zamperini’s life and his survival during World War II, with only minor alterations such as timing. Overall, the director, Angelina Jolie, was not able to capture every detail accurately, yet the details altered only reinforced Louie Zamperini’s extraordinary story of resilience and perseverance. Angelina Jolie begins the film with Zamperini peeking up the skirts of girls in order to portray his troublesome nature, which was an accurate attribute of his personality that allowed him to withstand the dire circumstances he encountered as a prisoner of war. Concerned by this, his brother Pete convinced him to channel that…show more content…
(Harris). Zamperini was often sought out for mistreatment, but despite numerous beatings, his will to survive intensified with each beating. He suffered beatings and lack of humane treatment, yet managed to survive through his strength, perseverance, and will to withstand unimaginable deprivations. According to Laura Hillenbrand, author of Unbroken: A World War II Story Of Survival, Resilience, And Redemption, Watanabe was “fixated” on Zamperini, and called him his “number one prisoner.” Despite Zamperini’s attempts to hide from Watanabe, he always managed to find him. The film shows Zamperini was excessively beaten, excludes the full extent of Watanabe’s cruelness. For example, the film left out the fact that Watanabe had a 65 year old prisoner tied to a tree for many days and also practiced judo on an appendectomy patient. (Harris). Jolie excluded this from her film to save the audience the gruesomeness of the events that Zamperini faced on a daily basis. However, she showcased Zamperini’s unyielding strength to remain unbroken despite the excessive torment he

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