Unbroken Reflection

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In the film, ‘Unbroken’ directed by Angelina Jolie the main character (Louis Zamperini) proves to viewers that one should never give up while facing hard times. Everyone throughout their lifetime will overcome many obstacles in which they can relate to Louis’ story. Most of the remarkable history and true experiences are implanted throughout the film. Furthermore, viewers are exposed to the barbaric manners and difficulties faced during World War II. In the end, the film portrays a positive outcome after what Louis went through. However, ‘Unbroken’ did not show how the main character’s lifestyle changed after the war.
‘Unbroken’ is based off a true story, focusing on a boy named Louis Zamperini. In the beginning of the film, it presents Louis and the other soldiers struggling to stay calm in a plane during combat. It quickly gets the viewer’s attention, acknowledging the intense and thrilling aerial combat that was lived by Louis Zamperini amongst other soldiers. The loud airplane engine, blood, and screams amongst soldiers are only a glimpse of what World War II was like. As a young boy, Zamperini drank and smoke on a regular basis. His former classmates bullied him, often telling him “to go back to Italy.” Louis’ family was always there to protect and teach him right from wrong. He was the troublemaker of the family, while his older brother was focused on school and running. Louise always looked up to his brother, but never had enough confidence in his self. Luckily, his
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