Unbroken: The Life Of Louie Zamperini

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The Life of Louie Zamperini Louie Zamperini has been though a lot. He felt dehumanized. Before he was in World War II and fought against the Japanese, Louie was an Olympic runner. He was transfixed by running. Unfortunately, during his time in the air force, his plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. After drifting at sea for over a month, Louie and Phil were captured by the Japanese, where he met his tormentor. The Bird was deranged and degraded Louie. After all of this, he lived longer than all of his siblings. In the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Louie Zamperini is described in many ways to be resilient and tenacious. In all of his actions, Louie Zamperini has proven himself to be resilient. When the Japanese are shooting at Phil,…show more content…
During an interrogation, Louie was asked to give the exact location of an air base. “Louie resisted, but the interrogators leaned on him hard. At last Louie broke. He dropped his head and told them everything… It was all a lie (143).” Louie is tenacious because he won’t tell them where the actual bases even though they kill him if they found out he drew fake ones. After arriving at a POW camp, “Louie was asked who’d win the war. ‘America...’ A fist connected with Louie’s nose, and he felt a crunch… Louie’s nose was badly broken (145).” Even though Louie watched Phil get punched for saying America would win the war, he still agreed. Louie’s nose was then broken and left for him to fix later. When Louie arrives at Omori, he meets his tormenter.“The Bird tried to knock Louie down; Louie wouldn’t fall. Other prisoners told him to give in or the Bird would beat him to death. Louie couldn’t do it (181).” Even though the Bird is beating Louie and trying to get him to break, he still won’t fall. The Bird wants Louie to look him in the eyes so he has an excuse to beat him, but disobeying his orders also earns him a beating. Louie Zamperini stays tenacious even though the Japanese want him to

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