Uncertainty In The Moonstone, By Wilkie Collins

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Throughout the entire text of The Moonstone, Wilkie Collins creates an enigmatic tone through the use of her diction. From the very beginning it becomes very difficult to gain full trust within the witnesses. There are a few reasons that ultimately cause this disbelief. One, there are a significant amount of people involved in this mystery. The more people involved in the mystery, the more stories the reader gets told. This generates a more confusing story to comprehend for the reader. This sense of uncertainty leads to constantly questioning the validity of the witness. While certain characters certainly start to develop more trust as the story goes on, there is always that sense of doubt in the back of the readers mind questioning just how accurate is the information that is being given. Another major problem is that when a situation does occur, every character is always in attempt to claim their innocence. The whole story is making accusations based upon who stole the diamond, therefore there is never going to be a point where any character openly admits to stealing the diamond. Rachel is a prime example of a witness that is guilty of this. Rachel is seen as one of the more suspicious characters within the book, and more often than not wondering if anything Rachel says is completely truthful. It is not necessarily the content of what she is saying at…show more content…
While this is only natural, when making a decision on whether or not you trust someone, it is crucial that you take a step back. The best way to do this is to solely look at the facts. While this will for sure vary based upon the characters, when it comes to witnesses in The Moonstone, each character and narrator have some minor, and some major trust ability issues. Therefore, when it comes to having to make judgments based on trust, it is always a safe bet to never trust
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