Case Study: Unclear Bombs Should Be Banned

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Unclear Bombs Should Be Banned
Francis Timosawa was a 15-year-old boy that lived in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. On the morning of August 1945, a single plane flew over his city and he watched as an object fell from the plane. Suddenly, the sky turned brighter than the sun, and he could no longer think, see, hear or breath. That day, Timosawa’s city was completely destroyed by an atomic bomb thrown by the United States of America. His town passed to be from a beautiful and peaceful community to completely ashes. In the past, war was about soldiers fighting other soldiers using weapons that only affected a few people at a time. But today, many countries possess weapons that can destroy entire cities and countries in seconds. Nuclear
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a victim of this horrifying bomb was Mr. Akihiro Takahashi. He was 14 years old, when the bomb was dropped. He was standing in line with other students of his junior high school, waiting for the morning meeting 1.4 km away from the center. He was under medical treatment for about year and half. And even today black nail grows at his finger tip, where a piece of glass was stuck. It takes a total of 10 seconds to explode and when it does it does damage for decades. This bomb does nothing more than kill. Anyone in the explosion dies and less than a blink of an eye. The other people away from the explosion get lung injuries, ear damage, or internal bleeding. Not only do people die but all of the structures nearby get destroyed. Everything close to ground zero gets completely vaporized and destroys and burns everything. It also exerts extreme amount of radiation. At high doses radiation kills cells, damages organs, or gives a rapid death. Do you really want to be the one responsible for this? For this vital reasons nuclear bombs should be banned in every place. The making is horribly unethical and starts the death from that point to people who don't deserve it. The testing of these bombs as said above only slowly destroy more people and countries. Finally when used they kill and destroy millions of unnecessary things. Ban nuclear bombs or have a happy
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