Uncle Jewiir In A Long Walk To Water

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Uncle Jewiir Heart “What does he/she love? Whom? How?” In this novel “A Long Walk to Water” Uncle Jewiir is a good-natured person and is passionate about caring for Salva. Uncle Jewiir has always stuck to Salva ever since he joined the group, even when Salva felt like comply to the desert Uncle Jewiir always carried him onward. For example “As if by magic, Uncle was suddenly at his side” and “ Uncle pointed out a clump of rocks up ahead and told Salva to walk as far as the rocks”.This means that Uncle Jewiir expressed his compassion for Salva by always motivating to continue on his journey. “Uncle had always shared the animals and birds he shot with everyone in the group”, by this quote it shows that Uncle Jewiir cared about the people around him. While other people saw Salva as “weak and useless”, Uncle Jewiir always cheered him onward and he was only one out of most people to see the potential in Salva. This matters to Salva because even…show more content…
Countless people judge each other for their past, looks, and age, which makes assumptions that either perceive that person as kind-hearted or mischievous. Every individual has been guilty of judging each other, even the leader of the group Uncle Jewiir. For instance. Uncle Jewiir said “You are too small, and not strong enough yet. Without water, you will not survive the rest of the walk. Some of the others they will be able to manage better than you”. Means: This means that Uncle Jewiir is also a judgmental person, just like some of us. You see, the reason why Uncle Jewiir said “You are too small, and not strong yet” to Salva was that he truly isn’t strong yet. Even if Salva is more fragile and small from the rest of the group Uncle Jewiir feels to share food with him and keep him
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