Uncle Junior Relationship

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The third relationship that I will explore is the dynamic and destructive relationship between Uncle Junior and Tony. In the beginning of the show we were introduced to the pair of captains as representations of the old and the new of the family. Yet this relationship between the two is more then what the show wants us, the audience, believe they are. To start out with, Junior raised Tony from when he was a teenager after his father was sent to prison. He was also the driving force to get Tony more involved with the family. So Tony’s and Junior’s relationship started out as a father/son role. As the needed each other to fight against the outside forces of that threat the family. Which is not uncommon in this kinda of settings, mainly since…show more content…
Which I found to be odd, yet too predictable for this situation. Junior, or the Junior we are introduced, to is protective with of Tony. He almost treated this relationship as a sort of blood debt. Yet Tony doesn’t see it that way, Junior for him now is just road block for Tony’s goals in life. In that he tries to push or paint Junior as someone who will fix everything that is wrong with the family, and yet in a different light Tony is setting Junior up to fail. In retrospect this is a smart thing for Tony to do. Why be the one with fake or given power and in fear of the FBI, when you can be the one hunting and making a real power for yourself. But when it comes to their relationship I don’t see one. I see this relationship more as Tony devaluing Junior and his approaches to the mob. There is no longer a need or a want for Junior in his life, it almost feels like Tony is forcing himself to keep this bond within Junior. Which is weird when you look at Tony with his other relationships throughout the show. Normally he only looks out for himself, like a tiger shark who’s always on the hunt, yet again it seems that Tony for some unknown reason is keeping Junior in his life out of respect. Seen greatly when Uncle Juniors puts out a head on him, because of the stupid rumor that he likes getting a BJ. Tony knows that Junior is pissed at him and his methods of earning for the family, yet Tony does it any way. Which is why I found the hit on Tony’s life justifiable, since he didn’t put any value in their relationship so why did Junior need to keep him within the family. But what gets me is this selfless persona that Tony takes on during the second season. It see so undermining of his character as a sociopathic predator. As in this single relationship that he has with Junior is the reason why can’t be an effected
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