Uncle Nathan's Search For Meaning

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Skating into a lifetime of suffering The idea of a love so deep and fulfilling that you would sacrifice a lifetime of happiness, just for their life, is an astounding thought. Uncle Nathan is willing to give up everything, for someone he knows he will never be able to be with, in the subconscious hopes that a miracle will happen and she will change her ways to be with him. This story reveals who Uncle Nathan is by showing how inconsiderate, serious, and dedicated he is, despite all he does for Delia's love. Uncle Nathan is very inconsiderate and does not think of the long term effect of his actions. He settles for someone who he doesn't truly want, and does not take into consideration the extent that this might hurt her. Nathan says; “‘but…show more content…
When Maida was asking her family about the stoneman on the hillside, Uncle Nathan says that he wished that it could have stayed but ;“had just done what was expected”(189), instead of fighting for what he wants. He knew what had to be done and did it without argument, despite it being what he wanted because his father was right. Nathan took his father's words seriously, and that is probably why he believes children should know what their parents know. He says “‘what you don’t know can hurt you’”(187), because he strongly believes that knowledge is power. When Maida had questions, Nathan and her mother told her everything she wanted to know because he does not believe in sheltering children from the world. Uncle Nathan is very serious in his beliefs and does not realize that children should be informed, but only to a certain extent. He is so strong headed in what he believes in that he does not see that telling Maida everything could in fact, hurt her. Nathan portrays himself as a very serious, dedicated person, who sets himself on what he wants and does not accept less. When uncle Nathan realized he was in love with Delia, he wanted nothing
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