Uncle Robby Eulogy

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Uncle Robby was a very spirited man; my mother hated when I said that because it made him sound unprofessional. But he was a very spirited man he’d tell me all about his adventures in Norway, Sweden and Netherlands. He was an inspirational man and had great character. Today is his funeral; a fire had started in his home and he wouldn’t leave the house without grabbing his VHS collection of Home Alone 1 and 2 and his lucky beer pong socks he’d wear when we’d have a one on one heated match of beer pong. He had been giving me pointers for university since it was my last year of highschool. It’s hard to think that a man like Uncle Robby is gone from this world too soon. I feel like this would also be the part where I’d say I would live on his…show more content…
She went over it while we walked to the front of the aisle to take our seats once we reached she handed it back to me with a look of approval. Man, what a surprise she was in for. Pastor Framboise went over some quotes from the bible and sang some songs, then it was time for people to finally say their goodbyes. I looked around there was quite a lot of people here; more than I had expected. I wasn’t surprised Uncle Robby was a well known Man. I assume these were people he met along the way. My Mom went up first. “My brother was an interesting man.” She began. It got a few chuckles from the group of people. “He’d always make it a point to break the rules; for Rob there was no boundries. It sort’ve made me look up to him. Even though he was older by two years I had always felt like I had to.. like I had to take care of him. He was always ge..” Just then a woman had bursts through the doors hysterically crying. “No, no, not my dear Robbie.” You switch between Robby and Robbie was all I could catch in the midst of her sobbing, she had a thick french accent. She marched up to the podium where my mother stood. “Tell me who did it; oh tell me.” Then came more sobbing. There was some murmuring from the group, some even started to sob. Mom was the first to speak. “Who are you?” The sobbing had stopped.
“ Oh, my love. My sweet sweet Robbie I knew there was…show more content…
Man, Uncle robby you sure know how to go out with a bang. I made a note to myself to write a short story about this. Mom looked furious, I think we were all wondering the same question. Where did they buy such a cheap coffin, I mean if my Uncle’s body was actually in there he would’ve take quite the tumble. Yikes. The crazy french lady looked like she was going to faint.
“Mon amour, first missing then dead now missing again.” She sat on the ground fanning herself. “Son of a bitch” All eyes were on my mom again. She stood up and started looking into the crowd. “Rob where are you, you crazy bastard.” Suddenly a man with tinted blacked glasses and a sun hat stood up and started walking towards the front of the aisle while

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