Comparing Uncle Tom's Cabin And Little Men

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“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." Through this quote, Henry Miller is expressing the power anything, such as a story, has to amaze an audience in complete wonder and curiosity. Children listen to stories with total eagerness, desperate to know what will happen next. Adults create stories based on experiences to pass on to children of the next generation so that they may be inspired. Between the two stories, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Little Men, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a better book for expressing the ability a story has to captivate its audience. The youth of the 1852 loved and cherished stories that allowed them…show more content…
This shows the children’s strong faith in Christ. On the contrast, in Little Men, which took place in 1871, young Emile had his heart set on other things such as going to sea, for he had “the blood of old vikings stirred in his blood.” (page 18) Another trait that was often in the youth of the 1850s was that they had bold spirits that praised hearing stories about daring expeditions and trouble. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the children who tended to incite chaos would gather around Mr. Haley to listen to his day’s exploits and take pleasure in his fruity language. The children in the Bhaer’s orphanage found pleasure in less adventurous tales, such as when Dan would venture out into the forest to collect crops and he always came back loaded, and pleased that he could provide a meal for his family using his agricultural skills and instincts. Lastly, the desire to please the children’s guardians was insufficient in Little Men. When little Daisy received her new cooking set, she grew ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see what exotic recipes she could find to so she could create some delicious food for her and her classmates, completely forgetting to provide a token of appreciation for
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