Uncle Tom's Cabin: Chapter Analysis

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I read the book《 Uncle Tom’s Cabin 》by Harriet Beecher Stowe, and I found Stowe utilizes several different techniques to illustrate the incompatibility of slavery with the Christian ethics of love and tolerance, she utilizes the characters in the story ,use their action ,conversation to show this incompatibility clearly.

Beginning with the characters in the story, Stowe utilizes multiple characters to demonstrate that slavery and Christianity’s ethics of love and tolerance are not compatible. For example, this is clearly seen in chapter nine. In this chapter, Senator Bird and Mrs. Bird discuss the issue of runaway slaves. Senator Bird illustrates that according to the law, people should not help runaway slaves. However, Mrs. Bird reveals that
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Secondly, The describing of the Uncle Tom, he is Stowe’s major role in her book. Uncle Tom is a devout Christian in the Mrs. Stowe’s novel,he admired God incomparably and his all the words and deeds show the influence of Christian doctrine . Tom is very honest and very sincere to others. In the novel , Tom has gone through three masters , regardless of the owner is merciful or cruel , Tom is bent on doing things , no complaints . The first master was Shelby, Tom believed master Shelby, he took care of Mr Shelby over ten years, but when Shelby have debts, all the time tom stays with him will follow the money loses, he betrays Tom, betrays his love, just because of Tom’s identity ,slave. Tom never be Shelby’s good friend.

Tom’s third master, Legree , Tom refuses to compromise his Christian faith in the face of the many trials he undergoes at Legree’s plantation. When he is beaten to death by Legree and his men, he dies forgiving them. In this way, Tom becomes a Christian martyr, a model for the behavior of both whites and blacks. Tom is tolerant to them and their behavior , but died tom can not relive his life.

Stowe uses the role’s story to show us, and this story is
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