Uncle Tom's Cabin Love

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In the Bible four different types of love are portrayed; each have proven their importance for the development of the Uncle Tom’s Cabin. These types of love include love for everyone,love for romantic partners, love for friends, and love for family. Each type of love is represented in the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin and each play their own important role in the development of the book. With the absence of one these types of love in the novel ,the reader would not have become a supporter of the abolitionist movement. Theses four types were essential in order for Uncle Tom’s Cabin to persuade reader’s view to be anti-slavery. Of the four types the most common form of love is present throughout the entirety of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, this type is friendship.…show more content…
Romantic love is one that people are most passionate about. It is the love that gives people a high they they often seek. Some people have romance as their favorite genre, it captures the feelings that they want to have towards another. Uncle Tom’s Cabin does not lack what these people desire. When Mrs. Bird and Senator Bird are having a private and intimate conversation she says "Could I ever have loved you, had I not known you better than you know yourself?" And the little woman looked so handsome, with the tears sparkling in her eyes, that the senator thought he must be a decidedly clever fellow, to get such a pretty creature into such a passionate admiration of him; and so, what could he do but walk off soberly, to see about the carriage (89).” The issue of slavery did not tear this couple apart, it actually brought them closer together. They had a strong mutual agreement that slavery was an injustice to the world. The couple’s chemistry shows that the topic of slavery did not end the romance it enhanced it. Mrs. Bird says later on in the conversation that she loves her husband for believing in what was right. When somebody read this they hoped that their spouse or partner would do that same as Senator Bird. They would believe in what was right, and the included the termination of…show more content…
The fourth type of love that is included in the novel is a love for everyone All celebrated and iconic novels have an element of reality in them, something that the reader can relate and connect with. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is no different from these. What readers can relate to is Uncle Tom’s strong sense of love and devotion to God. In the Bible it states that you should love everyone, and Uncle Tom makes sure to abide by this rule. In the novel when Master George is telling Tom that he will seek revenge on those who killed him Tom say "Hush, Mas 'r George!—it worries me! Don 't feel so! He ain 't done me no real harm,—only opened the gate of the kingdom for me; that 's all!(421).” In this instance somehow Tom does not have any resentment towards Legree only love and devotion, just as Uncle Tom had for everyone else in the novel. When people read this they aspire to be as good as a Christian as Uncle Tom was. It made Uncle Tom and other slaves into characters that were more relatable. When you find common ground with someone people tend to become more sympathetic towards them. This type of love pushed people to view slaves more as human being than pieces of
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