Uncle Tom's Cabin Racism

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History Sticks To Your Feet Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe is an influential American work that deals primarily with racism present at the time and violence, but also makes statements, both indirectly and directly, about female agency. I’ve chosen to review this work because of Stowe’s amazing use of these elements, but also because of depiction of American society at the time. She crafts and interesting outlook as to the abolitionist view of the time and is able to express this view very successfully through the fictional plot of the novel. While racism is definitely the focal point of the work it seems clear after finishing the novel that women, particularly mothers, play an important role in the novel. While women certainly didn’t have the agency that men had at the time, they did have their own unique way of displaying and using agency that Stowe displays well in the novel. She includes characters all over the spectrum of agency and this displays just how wide the range of female agency went. An example of this can be found in the very beginning of the work. Mrs. Shelby, Tom and Eliza’s mistress, does everything in her power to give Eliza more time to escape and to allow Tom to spend more time with them than going with the slave trader. Perhaps most importantly, she does this against her husband’s wishes. This is…show more content…
It appears on nearly every page of the novel in some degree. Frankly, there is too many instances of racism within the novel to outline in this short of a paper. Instead of even making an attempt at such an undertaking and in an effort to keep this from pouring over another four hundred pages, the plan for this section of the review will be to talk of the systemic racism that the work shows so thoroughly in society. However, please make no misunderstanding, an undertaking would be possible as Stowe outlines so vividly the racism that the characters face on every
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