Unconditional Love In Cyrano De Bergerac

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People love in many different ways. Some people love with their emotions, while others love unconditionally. Cyrano de Bergerac, the main character from the famous French play Cyrano de Bergerac, is a great example of unconditional love. Throughout the play he displays many acts of unconditional love. He gave all of his love to the beautiful
Roxane. His unconditional love for her was one of the strongest in history. His love for her had grown over many years. Even when Cyrano was a young boy he harbored a strong love
For Roxane. For example:” I remember - Every summer you came to Bergerac!” (2.71) Spending many of his childhood summers with Roxane, lead to him quickly falling deeply in love with her. Cyrano was a very witty but, arrogant
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He spent most of his life chasing the only woman he ever truly loved, Roxane. He showed his love for Roxane through many different ways for example: “And what is a kiss, when all is done? A promise given under a seal - a vow taken before the shrine of memory - A signature acknowledged - a rosy dot over the i of Loving - A secret whispered to listening lips apart - A moment made immortal, with a rush of wings unseen - A sacrament of blossoms, a new song sung by by two to an old simple tune- The ring of one horizon around two souls together, all alone!” (Pg.131)
Cyrano says this to Roxane during the balcony scene. During the balcony scene Cyrano is pretending to be Christian, the man Roxane is in love with during this time. Later Cyrano admits he was saying those things from his own heart. Cyrano’s love for Roxane was so obviously unconditional. He loved her for years, without ever receiving any love in return.

Cyrano went through a lot of pain while watching Roxane fall in love with another man, whom he was pretending to be for the sake of her happiness. It takes someone with a big heart to put up with being treated that way. For example: “Ah! … Roxane! … I have won what I have won - The feast of love - and I am Lazarus! Yet… I have something here that is mine now and was not mine before I spoke the words that won her - not for me! … Kissing my
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